To provide guidelines for the Kamloops Whisky Club's governance and operation.  

The Founding Members' have created and agreed upon the following By-Laws for our Club.


In a world full of associations, clubs, and societies devoted to all kinds of pursuits, interests, and causes, the Kamloops Whisky Club was established in May 2019 in Kamloops, BC for the sole purpose of providing a regular and formalized venue for individuals who have a passion for whisky- to gather together, share, enjoy, explore, enrich, and expand their knowledge and familiarity with all the whiskies of the world (and on rare occasions other fine spirits).  


To that end, the Club meets regularly every two months at a member’s home or a designated public facility to conduct formal tastings of different whiskies.  Through the Club, members gain the ability to try a far wider range of whisky than they would on their own and at a far lower cost while expanding their knowledge of the greatest spirit on earth.


Drink, with moderation, care, and consideration.  Each person is responsible for his/her own behaviour and is expected to abide by this rule.  We gather to learn about, sample, and enjoy the whiskies of Scotland not to become inebriated.  Each member agrees to absolve the host of each tasting from any legal responsibility for any unfortunate events resulting from a member’s own failure to abide by the Society’s only iron clad rule.  Your presence at any KWC event is considered your tacit agreement to this rule. 





  1. Whisky purchased for Kamloops Whisky Club shall only be enjoyed during Kamloops Whisky Club meetings. Leftover whiskey will be raffled at the end of every meeting unless otherwise stated.

  2. Whisky purchased for 'regular meetings' will be between $60-$80 per bottle (750ml), or by a tiered pricing structure (e.g, low-$35, medium-$65 high-$100) -With the exception of 'special occasion meetings' where more expensive bottles may be selected.

  3. Members will get 1.5 oz pours from each bottle present at meetings.

  1. Due money for each 'regular meeting' will be $20 for members and $30 for each guest and will go strictly towards the purchasing of whisky. Dues for 'special occasion meetings' will be determined prior to scheduling event.

  2. Any additional dues paid for each meeting will go into the Club Petty Cash which will be used to fund the "Special Occasion Meetings".

  3. Due money for each meeting shall be paid prior to meeting and payment will act as members official RSVP.

  4. Dues may not be returned if member is unable to attend unless 7 days notice is given or extenuating circumstance arrises.

  5. An attendance cap for each meeting will be determined and set by the president according to venue size.

  6. 'Regular Meetings' shall be held every one to two months with a minimum of eight 'regular meetings' per year.  All meetings must always be informative and of a casual atmosphere, and will feature at least two to three bottles of whiskey purchased with due money.

  7. Larger Events will also be scheduled throughout the year. Members will receive a 20% discount on these events. Prices to be determined depending on each event type and size. These events will not be restricted to members only.

  8. 'Special Meetings' will be held periodically. Dues to be determined depending on bottle value, theme and venue. 'Special Meetings' are reserved solely for members and no guests will be allowed.

  9. Members may bring one guest per 'regular meeting' but a guest may only attend 2 'regular meetings' before they are required to apply and pay for a membership.

  10. Guests must register with a "Guest Pass" to be allowed to join a meeting. Members must inform the President they are bringing a guest prior to meeting RSVP deadline.

  11. 'Regular Meetings' shall be held on a weekday and will promptly begin at 7:30pm and end at 9:30pm. 

  12. All Meetings shall occur on a night that accommodates the schedule of membership majority who have RSVP’d to attend the meeting.

  13. All Meetings may be held at various locations, include field trips, and have a theme (region, taste, distillery, and cask type).

  14. Meeting attendees earn 1 entry towards the raffle of leftover whiskey at the end of each meeting. Members may withhold their raffle entry to add to sub-sequent raffles to improve their odds of winning.

  15. If no members go in on the meetings raffle, the raffle bottles will be held over until the following meetings raffle.

  1. There are 2 levels of memberships, a Basic Membership and a Master Membership.

  2. Dues for Basic Memberships are $50 paid annually and will give you access to all 8 meetings but a $20 meeting due will be payable for each meeting.

  3. Dues for Master Memberships are $150 paid annually and will give you FREE access to all 8 meeting and no extra dues will be owed for each meeting.

  4. New members will receive a welcome gift of 1 engraved Glencairn Whisky Glass in a custom engraved box along with a Kamloops Whisky Club T-Shirt. Welcome gift items subject to change and will be selected by the president and thus will vary and are not guaranteed to remain of the same value.

  5. Memberships are open to all who love whiskey who are the age of majority (male or female!)

  6. Membership may have a member cap which is determined by the Kamloops Whisky Club president.(cap will be determined by the readily available venues)

  1. Members must be at least 19 years of age, always act responsibly during and after all meetings, and never partake in whiskey snobbery.

  2. Members must respond to emails sent by the Whiskey Explorers president in a timely manner for their vote or reservation to be counted. 

  3. The president may relinquish membership rights of a current member who has acted in a way not becoming of a Kamloops Whisky Club member. If disputed, a club vote will be the deciding factor.


  1. The Founders, Nathan Myhr and Chris Throssell, will act as President and Vice President and will have equal but sole responsible for determining meeting locations, dates, purchasing Kamloops Whisky Club whisky, collecting due money, and running meetings.

  2. Volunteers may be called upon to help with various responsibilities.